Growth Capital for Media, Leisure, and Creative Industries


Nectar Capital is committed to identifying, sponsoring, and investing in growth companies with a particular focus in the media, leisure and creative sectors. We also have significant expertise and experience in financial services, energy, commodities, consumer retail, and technology.
Since 2002, Nectar has demonstrated an exceptional track record, with its experienced professionals harnessing rigorous analysis and operational transformation to create value in its portfolio. By partnering with passionate and innovative entrepreneurs, Nectar helps to drive growth in companies, whilst delivering industry-leading returns to our investors. Several of Nectar’s portfolio companies under advise or direct management have gone public.
Nectar seeks to make or syndicate investments of $5 million to $25 million. We are able to invest and syndicate transactions involving equity, debt, and mezzanine finance. We will undertake financings of a larger size for the right opportunity, as well as co-invest alongside other firms. Nectar is also able to undertake change-of- control transactions, providing founders and entrepreneurs with an exit via a complete sale of a business, or a management buy-in or buy-out.
We typically invest in companies that are in the growth stage, typically who have traded for several years, and who are seeking capital to expand organically or through acquisition. Our philosophy is to be a significant minority shareholder, working closely with management to drive value and assist with the strategic and operational issues that accompany the rapid growth phase of a dynamic company.
Nectar assists companies by involving senior and active non-executive directors, via our worldwide network of relationships with industry experts.
Nectar Capital is always looking for the next idea or opportunity in the media, leisure and creative sectors. If you believe that your company could benefit from Nectar’s unique philosophy and assets, please contact us at the details above.


We understand the complexity of seeking investment in general for your business; we work simply, quickly, and in a collaborative fashion with all our partners to ensure an efficient and effective response to your needs.
We understand the commitment of energy, vision and determination that is required to get a business off the ground; Nectar is committed to working alongside founders and entrepreneurs to drive value in your business, while delivering excellent financial returns.
We share your passion for your industry, and have skilled, expert resources to support the growth of your business.