Funds and Managed accounts

Nectar Capital divides its public markets abilities in to two categories: proprietary fund products and managed accounts.
Nectar Global Credit Opportunities – Nectar operates a hedge fund designed to produce consistent capital appreciation over the medium-to- long-term with relatively little correlation to traditional investments based on proprietary analysis of the financial cycle and resultant investment in private and public credit opportunities, as well as securities and currencies influenced by the macro-economic credit cycle.
The investment strategy carries medium risk and specifically targets the payment of consistent cash income to investors of a greater amount than is typically available via traditional savings accounts or standard fixed income products, combined with a medium risk capital growth target.
Nectar Global Credit Opportunities has returned the following results:
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec YTD
2019       0.23% 1.16% 0.35% 1.01% 0.53% 0.40% 0.57% 0.40% 0.66% 5.13%
2020 0.61% 0.10% -1.16% 0.84% 0.48% 0.34% 0.51% 0.54% 0.27% 0.55% 1.37% 0.15% 5.20%
2021 0.45% 0.51% 0.72% 0.49% 0.80% 0.45% 0.28% 0.30% 0.04%       4.10%
Managed accounts – Nectar offers custom portfolio investment strategies tailored to the specific goals and mandates of clients, whether to generate current income for sustenance or a portfolio geared to longer term capital gains, we aim to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by using our proprietary investment process which focuses on bottom-up securities analysis with a top-down macro overlay through the lens of financial system. Through implementing robust risk management, we aim to produce consistent and uncorrelated investment performance.
Our managed account clients also benefit from Nectar’s world class technology platform and access to the markets at the low wholesale costs associated with the world’s biggest hedge funds.