Corporate Finance and Advisory


Nectar Capital has long and successful track record of advising on many stages of corporate finance transactions, and issues that arise within family offices.
Members of the Nectar team have led Initial Public Offerings in the American and European markets raising over €1 billion. Merger and acquisition advisory transactions where Nectar personnel have advised total over $5.5 billion.
More recently, Nectar’s corporate finance work has focused on assisting growing portfolio companies, via assistance in equity placements, arranging debt, leading acquisitions of related companies to enhance growth, and to divesting business units of lessor strategic importance. Nectar has also assisted its portfolio companies in structuring, pricing, and closing additional rounds of follow-on finance.
On the family office side, we have advised and arranged trust structures, investment portfolios, and real estate transactions for our private clients.
The Nectar team has completed more than $100 million in equity and debt financings across several different industry sectors since 2012.