Nectar Capital announces that via its managed credit fund, Nectar Global Credit Opportunities, it has completed a substantial structured debt facility for the Borealis Interactive Group based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Borealis has been launched to deliver the next generation of immersive art experiences, combining curated thematic art content with cutting edge digital projection technology and remarkable surround sound to create an hour long walk-through interactive artistic journey that enlightens, entertains, and educates the audience.

Borealis will launch its first show “Da Vinci: Genius” in Berlin on 28 January 2022, with a second location in Amsterdam planned for May 2022. Two other additional cities are planned for 2022.

Scott Rudmann, Managing Partner of Nectar Capital LLP said “We delighted to provide credit finance to Borealis as their offering to consumers is clearly far superior to any other in the worldwide market in terms of creativity, technology, music, and hospitality. Anyone who comes to “Da Vinci: Genius” is going to have their expectations for immersive entertainment and entertainment experiences in general reset far upwards. 

We’ve deployed our decades of experience as a firm to structure and implement a credit facility that gives the company the capital it needs to grow rapidly, and we have created structured assets within an IP business that generates a security for the credit line from our fund. We look forward to growing our business with Borealis as they expand around the world.”

Jeffrey Jah, CEO and co-founder of Borealis said “We found the credit line provided by Nectar to be a highly innovative approach we did not find elsewhere in the market, and that speed that Nectar was able to execute was far superior to that of any bank. This credit facility will allow Borealis to grow rapidly and enhances returns to our equity shareholders.”